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  • Malorie Leonetti, Marketing Coordinator at NMI

Hockey Brings Us Together, Again

On Canada’s 150th birthday, we posted a blog on what made us love being a Canadian company. The past week and a half, we watched our country stand together stronger than ever and a sense of pride has filled our hearts, so we are taking a break from our usual blogs to share how hockey brought us all together again.

If you ask any Canadian, they will be able to tell you about what they were doing during the gold medal goal at any of the Olympics hockey games, Theoren Fleury’s slide on his knees celebrating his goal against the Oilers when he played for the Flames, how it is totally normal to spend your Friday night on an outdoor ice rink playing pick-up with a group of strangers of all ages. Hockey has a way of bringing our country together every single winter.

I’m sure by now, you’ve heard about the tragic accident that took members of a hockey team far too soon. When the news broke, our country was silent… how do you accept the fact that a group of kids who just wanted to play hockey, can no longer do that?

Last Thursday, our country and many others gathered together in their hockey jerseys to honour and remember those that passed away and to wrap our arms around the friends and families who needed it most. On this day, I realized that hockey had brought our country together yet again.

This week made me so proud to be a Canadian. Despite tragedy, no one pushed blame. We found a way to stand tall, to show our love and support and to bring the whole world together over a game.

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