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Local Spots to Work that Aren’t the Office This Summer

Working remotely has it's perks but it can be challenging to find a place to stay focused and accomplish what you need to for the day. Here at New Moon we are digital nomads but we have found some awesome places get our work done in KW. Whether you’re working an office job or working remotely, it’s important to switch up your scenery to increase your productivity. We have gathered a list of our top favorite spots to work that aren’t the office!

1. Café/Coffee Shop

The perfect spot to get into the working grind with Waterloo's best cup of coffee. A harmonious environment with a big cup of, what feels like a warm hug, gives you something to look forward to before you dive into your work. Hey, less distractions from your co-workers (because we know that you really don't care about Martha from accounting and what her cat did last night) and more time for your important tasks. Our favorite spot to work from in Waterloo is Settlement Co on King Street. We highly recommend checking out this spot for the traveler's avocado toast, a London Fog and the live greenery throughout the entire shop - another perk of Settlement is their awesome staff.

2. Beach

Take in the beautiful view while still managing to get all your work done - must be the vitamin D and the calming vibes that encourage your brain to keep going. Get out of the city and back to nature - get a new perspective on the way you work. We recommend working from Laurel Creek Conservation Area. A beautiful location to take the afternoon and buckle down - WiFi is a little spotty though ;)

3. Patio

Take in the heat over a cold one and get a nice summer glow... you know, the one where people ask you where you went on vacation? Our secret is local patios (don't tell) If you are in the Waterloo area, we recommend Huether Hotel on King Street. They have a brilliant rooftop patio with no shortage of space, a great view of uptown and a killer pub style menu to keep you fueled for your work session.

4. Parks Kitchener workers, we have the spot for you! Whether you're trying to hide from the sun or catch some rays. Victoria Park in Kitchener has it all from the trees for your shade and the picnic tables for the hard-working workers like yourself. However, there is one distraction that can make working a little more challenging... there are a surplus dogs being walked - it's a puppy lovers dream! But animals are great for stress relief (scientific fact) and we think everyone could use some doggy snugs and smooches in their work day!

5. Public Transit

The easiest way to get work done on the go, commuters. Those short rides add up in valuable time! And what else are you going to do besides people watch? Put the headphones in, break out the laptop or the OG pen and paper, and grind it out for your trip. You’ll be surprised with how much you are able to get done in those short intervals of time.

Where is your favourite spot to work outside of the office? Let us know on social :)

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