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Keeping the Kids Busy in KW for the Rest of Summer

With just over a month left before the kids go back to school, you may be running out of ideas on how to fill their days in fun and productive ways. What if you could keep them busy while enjoying what’s left of your holidays or getting back to work, stress free because you know your babies are safe, learning and having a blast?

We have put together a list of super fun activities to sign your children up, for the remainder of the summer!

Your go to destination for making, creating and exploring. Not only can you plan an afternoon here to learn and play with your kiddos, they also offer day camps for ages 4-14!

For kids, The Museum offers themed days during their weekly camps and everyone loves a good themed party, this camp is basically the same thing without the alcohol and geared towards the wee ones with various hands on activities ;)

Check it out!

A fun day activity for the whole family and admission is FREE. Sign your kids up for the art camp, or to play with clay all day and while you're at it, might as well sign yourself up too. Have them explore their creativity and build their very own art sculptures! Hands on learning with some top-notch instructors and overall a fun and educational experience.

Swimming, biking, arts and crafts, drama, archery, you name it. The Y has you covered for your children's daily entertainment, skill building and physical activity. Give your babes a chance to challenge themselves, learn something new and make a few new pals. For the last month of the summer, forget boredom and electronic addiction they've been developing all month and sign them up!

Don't forget the sunscreen! Water slides, wave pool, lazy river = A fun day in the sun, who can resist Vitamin D and a super fun day? Happy kids = a happy summer. For an added bonus, your kids can develop some wicked swim skills. I mean... in Canada we only get a few shot months to swim outside so let those kids SOAK IT UP. And for you... you get exhausted kiddos to bring home. It’s a win, win.

Any insider tips on keeping busy this August in KW? Pass them on ;)

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