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  • Malorie Leonetti, Marketing Coordinator at NMI

Are We Scaring You? Navigating Hybrid Events

If you've been following along for the last few years, you know that Halloween is our favourite time of year. Last Halloween looked very different for most of North America. We saw a range of solutions for the pandemic roadblocks trick-or-treaters faced from candy shoots to self-serve bowls, and extraordinary decorations with a sign that read "see you next year". Well next year is here and things aren't as clear as we hoped... what does Halloween look like in 2021? The answer is we’ll see how it goes.

As we begin to return to normal society (somewhat), the same can be said for the event industry. Many companies and professionals are looking for answers and trying to best navigate what events look like right now. Simply put, how do you accommodate everyone in this foreign space? The truth is, no one has the answer but really, there are no wrong answers just like Halloween.

Halloween is different for everyone and that’s totally acceptable. Some use it as a chance to let their adrenaline pump with scares and thrills, while some see it as an opportunity to get creative and step outside of their comfort zone. It’s a magical time of year because anything goes. As we enter this new era of hybrid events, the same applies, anything goes. We get to define what this standard is, what works best because events haven't been done like this before. This unprecedented time may be feared by many, but to us, it is an incredible opportunity to define a new standard. At NMI, we love the unexpected and unpredictable. Just like Halloween.

Our advice? Take the same approach as Halloween. Honestly, anything is better than watching a 2-hour keynote through a streaming webcam pointed at a stage or sitting in a crowded room silently – that fond memory will fade very fast once it’s real again. So do things that scare you, because doing what you've always done probably won’t work anymore. Step outside of your normal. Be creative. Get weird. Your attendees will appreciate any effort because they are also navigating this new hybrid space without expectations.

Is what we’re saying scaring you? Good. That’s our job.

Happy Halloween, friends! Let us know how you’re bringing some of that Halloween mentality to your events, or if you’re stuck – we've always got fresh, exciting and thoughtful ideas.


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