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  • Navin Chand, President

Hesitation holds you back

New Moon Ideas turns 9 today!

I've been a hockey goalie for over 30 years, crazy since I'm only 29 - ok maybe that's just wishful thinking ;) Without getting into details of the game I'd like to share one of my favourite lessons that applies beyond the rink to life in general and a company theme for this year. It's about decision-making and how hesitation holds you back. In hockey, when the puck gets shot loosely into my zone I have two choices: either play it safe and stay in the net, or skate out and play it. Playing it safe means keeping to my goal crease and protecting the net. It's the lowest risk and means I'm doing what is expected. Skating out to play the puck means the net is now defenseless, the pressure is on to win the race to the puck, and then to make a smart play and not give it up once I get there. The latter is certainly more exciting but risky and makes everyone watching hold their collective breath. When making this split-second decision as a goalie the rule of thumb is if you hesitate, don't go - stay put. The reality is anything can happen in both scenarios - either move could lead to heroic or disastrous plays. For all of us, the last few years have forced us to play it safe and it's only recently that we're rediscovering our freedom as life opens up. So the question comes down to how we choose to move forward and as an entrepreneur I've always been on the side of taking risks. It's been a while so we'll probably make some mistakes but the worst thing we can do is continue hesitating. So it's time for us to get back to trusting our instincts and going for it with fresh, exciting and thoughtful ideas. New Moon Ideas will continue to center itself on our principles in soul marketing. Time will always be made to work hard and play hard, no matter where we sit. On our ninth anniversary I'm taking this moment to pause, celebrate and say thank you to all of our team members, clients, partners, friends and supporters who stand behind this company's approach, allow us the freedom to be who we are and encourage us to do what we love. Stay healthy and let's have fun together again soon. Navin Chand President & Founder New Moon Ideas Inc.

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