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Think Like an Attendee

Event season is back and we are here for it! While not everyone is ready for the in-person experience, it’s certainly been in full swing from sporting events to concerts and conferences. Here are a few tips to help your attendees have the best experience! Wait... are we taking you on the Soul Marketing journey by helping you turn your customers into fans? 😉

Be Thoughtful

Make your attendees feel like you were thinking about them from the moment they walked through the doors. During the event planning stages use your attendees’ day-to-day interests to influence some of your decisions. By understanding and integrating the lifestyle choices of your target audience, you can make it easier for them to live their lives within your event. For example, if your target audience is physically active and health conscious, consider catering companies who focus on farm-to-table or nutrition-forward menus. Or if they’re likely to be of different faiths, offer a quiet prayer space. Small, thoughtful and simple touches can make all the difference in the world.

Dive in Beyond the Content

Attendees are at your event for the content, that’s why they registered. But even with strong content, you can create a surround experience. Consider extending your message beyond the walls of a conference room – before the event with social media polls, during the event with demos, community art projects, games, after the event with contests or sharing moments from the event that will trigger warm feelings and reactions. Creating deeper connection to your messages through a variety of engagement types makes your content sticky, makes attendees feel like they belong to your community and provides more data points for better customer insights going forward.

Immerse Them in Your World

There's a reason you have attendees - they are there to see you. Take them on your journey, make them a part of your story. There’s nothing that evokes loyalty and conviction better than feeling like you’re connected to the success of something. Everything from the slideshow templates to the signage, to the swag should flow together in a cohesive way. With every step, with every task in the planning process you should be asking “why are we doing this? How does it tie in? Why does it matter?” If the answer is “because this is what we’ve always done” you’re not thinking like an attendee.

Struggling to get into the attendee headspace? Call us, we practically live there 😉

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