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You Have CUSTOMERS But Do You Have FANS?

Use our free tool to decode your Soul Marketing Score. For real, it's only 25 short questions!


the space we play in

Research shows your most powerful marketing tool is still word of mouth!

Fans & Advocates are vital to your brand. Here's why:


Growing fans is about raising their emotional quotient [EQ] -or, your likeability. The best way to increase your customers' EQ is to create authentic connections along the entire fan spectrum (shown below). You want them to shout "YOU GET ME!" This is the magic stuff that we've coined as Soul Marketing.


stages of service

This is the professional part where we break down our stages of service in marketing speak. On the plus side, it’s not as bad as legal copy but no small print here - we want you to know what we do!


New Moon Ideas works in three stages: DESIGN, DEVELOP and DIRECT. Ideally, we'll work with you from start to finish because it helps maintain consistency, keeping to the core objectives of the plan even when last minute changes come up. But we can meet you at any stage of the process, depending on your needs because we're cool like that.

Which bubble best describes your current inner voice? Click it to discover the stage of service you may need.


We're super excited to get going, but we don't even know where to start!




We've already got a plan, but we don't have enough hands to manage it!



We're so far in, there's no going back now! But people are panicking, & we need some help!





making our approach

Why Not?

Bring out your brand's flavour by taking risks & having fun.

We can help.

make amazing happen

Real examples of our story unfolding.

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the faces of new moon

Who's behind this company, exactly?

Navin Chand | President & Founder

What I really do here: Chief idea guy & leader of this A-team.


Why I do this: I've been a trusted advisor and known for my unique perspective and crazy schemes in the marketing game around the world for over 20 years now. I'm passionate about people and making sure everyone has great stories to tell from their experience - whether that's my team, our clients, partners, or audiences we entertain.


What they say: According to Susan I am a wizard at engaging audiences.

Dahlia says I am the king of whiteboarding and big, wild ideas.


Ask me about: the time I was asked to be in a boy band.


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Dahlia Evans | Marketing & Logistics Coordinator

What I really do here: A Jill of all trades, I get into some things of all the things we do.


Why I do this: With an education in Advertising and Marketing Communications, I've seen many sides of the industry including advertising sales, account and project management, graphic design, copy writing, and logistics on enterprise level conferences both virtually and in-person around the world. No day is ever the same, and that's how I like it.


What they say: Susan says I'm gifted with my camera and story-telling. Navin is impressed by my natural ability to connect with people beyond just work.


Ask me about: how cheese most definitely belongs on a PB+J

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Susan Hutchison | Marketing Specialist

What I really do here: I use the might pen (aka keyboard) to inform, organize, and project manage the heck out of anything.


Why I do this: I've worked in both the private and public sectors. From start-ups to working with globally recognized organizations, I've been responsible for creating and managing marketing plans to promote various products, initiatives, and events.


What they say: Dahlia says I'm an expert crafter and master of efficiency. Navin loves that every time he thinks he has me figured out, I surprise him with a new skill or story which keeps him on his toes.


Ask me about: why I let a legally blind guy drive me from Halifax to Dartmouth (and back).


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You Have Customers,

But Do You Have Fans?

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