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  • Navin Chand, President

I Guess We’re A Thing

I wanted to kick off our blog by celebrating the one year anniversary of this company, and provide a glimpse into what’s next. It’s been a long roller coaster year, a learning curve to say the least. But to say that we’ve survived the first twelve months goes a long way for any startup company and it is worth recognizing. While “patience and confidence” has been the subconscious mantra during the lulls, completing a full year has provided enough satisfaction, confidence, validation and legitimacy that will fuel year two and beyond.

We are committed to being fresh, exciting and thoughtful in our approach, our work and our play as we move forward. I’ll save the stories, philosophies and fun for future posts (if you know me at all, you know I have a lot to say). This first post is simply meant to be a heartfelt thank you to our clients, partners, friends and supporters over the past year whose encouragement has enabled this dream to become a reality.

From the beginning I’ve jokingly said “I’ll give it a year and if it doesn’t pan out, then I’ll find a real job.” It’s a year later and I couldn’t be more proud to say it is a real job, and excited that there’s so much more amazing yet to come.

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