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  • Navin Chand, President

Amazing Happened Again: It’s a New Moon Ideas Anniversary!

Well it looks like it’s been a year since the last blog post. But the good news is that I’ve been busy enough over the last year to not notice until now. New Moon Ideas has been a thing for two years, we’re gearing up for an even busier third year and that’s exciting news. I wanted to take this moment to pause, celebrate and say thank you to all of our clients, partners, friends and supporters who have believed in this company’s philosophy and continue to fuel our passions.

New Moon Ideas remains committed to taking a fresh, exciting and thoughtful approach to every aspect of the business, whether that’s in work hard or play hard mode. From international conferences, major product launches (and epic celebrations), to strategic marketing plans, content creation and copy-writing this past year has allowed us to flex our muscles in all three of NMI’s marketing service stages of designing, developing, and directing with our clients.

This old Toronto convenience store is still thriving!

Hopefully our New Moon will be just as long-lasting!

Outside of work, this year has also brought life-altering experiences. The parallels between becoming a parent and starting a company have been interesting to say the least. With both you get more advice than you need but no instruction manual once you start. It’s all about trusting your instincts and figuring it out as you go but they are both a wild ride and always an opportunity to see the world through a fresh set of eyes. While this company is still in its infancy, I’m dedicated to maintaining the curiosity and imagination of a child while delivering with the experience and class of a savvy expert as we mature as an organization.

Time sure flies when you’re having fun and love what you do and man, I love what we do.

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