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  • Malorie Leonetti, Marketing Coordinator at NMI

From Traditional to Social… But How? Our Quick Guide to Social Media Marketing

With Social Media Day taking place later this month, we were inspired to create a post sharing our insights.

We are a generation so well versed in social media that it’s hard to remember what life was like without it. How did we connect with one another? How did we research products or services before purchasing? How did we inform people about our brand experiences and recommendations? Thinking from a business point of view – how did we engage with our consumers? How did we have conversations with them and answer their questions? How did we right the wrongs and find out what people really thought about our company?

Truth be told – marketing your brand or business was much simpler before the internet and social media took over. With fewer platforms to choose from (television, radio or newspaper), you had less decisions to make. Chances are a good segment of your audience was tuning in to at least one of those. Now, you still have those traditional marketing outlets as options but the reality is you can’t hide from social media as a product or service anymore – like it or lump it, you either handle it or it will handle you. For some this is exciting, but for most this is getting increasingly complex and overwhelming.

As of today, did you know we are up to a couple hundred active social media platforms on the web and counting? Hell, if Facebook was a country it would be the third largest in the world! Many companies feel like they need to be on all social media platforms – the more the better, right? Well… not quite. There is such a thing as too much marketing (and that’s a comment coming from a marketing services agency). So we ask you – what’s the point of having accounts that aren’t speaking to your desired audience?

Social media has been a huge blessing to the marketing world. Hello free communication, education and interaction with your clientele. When done on the correct platform – businesses have seen huge improvements in brand loyalty, engagement, customer service and reviews. How are businesses so successful with social media? They pick the right platforms and rock it! They post meaningful content, combined with amazing images, interact with people leaving questions or reviews and create a brand image and voice that might not have been heard through traditional advertising.

It is important to view social media as an engagement tool – it doesn’t always make the sale in that moment but it can certainly keep a door open with interest, or slam the door shut forever. Whether you are a business owner or a consumer, you know that buyers are much savvier than ever with so many resources at their fingertips. In the world of social media today we have found that doing the right thing is typically rewarded, doing the wrong thing can be forgiven, but the worst thing is ignorance.

That being said, here is the way we’d summarize our social media guidance:

1. Go where your customers are

2. Be ready to have a two-way conversation

3. Be authentic

We know there is so much packed into each of these three things, but ultimately if you can do this you’re on the right track. Feel free to like, share or comment – we are ready for you.

Happy posting!

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