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  • Malorie Leonetti, Marketing Coordinator at NMI

Cubicle Cupid: Ideas for Valentine's Day at the Office

Valentine's Day is around the corner and chances are, you often spend more time with you coworkers more than your significant other. To give you a head start, we put together a stereotypical list of office personality types and some fun gifts for each to show your love. Follow along...

The Office Mom: The sweet, sensitive soul that always has Advil and Band-Aids at the ready.

This person is a traditional Valentine's Day gift receiver. Shower them with colourful flowers, assorted chocolates, a recipe book (full of sweets so she will bring some into the office to share), a scandy romance novel to escape to or a kit of smelly bath supplies because lord knows, she needs it after putting up with you people every day! If the budget is tight and you still want to show your love - make her a cup of her favourite tea or the nicest Canadian gesture... clean her car off for her!


The Office Hipster: The tight jean, flannel wearing, food and craft beer loving millennial.

This person would most enjoy a gift card to a trendy new coffee shop or local brewery, make a donation to a charity they adore in their name, an album on vinyl, or some non prescription glasses to complete their look. If you don't want to spend money and know they won't be hyper sensitive, consider gifting them with a box of air with a tag explaining that it is gluten free, dairy free, gmo free and cruelty free.


The Office Flirt: The person you might make a mistake with in the copy room at the office holiday party…

Provide this personality with sweetheart candies, you know the ones with the cute messages, a heart shaped mirror because they are their own biggest fan, or better yet, provide them with a date night/morning after supply kit stocked with breath mints, cologne, condoms, Gatorade and the morning after pill. If the budget is tight, simply pump their tires by winking at them every time you walk by them.


The Office Grouch: You know the type... The glass is always half empty, they are often considered the "Debbie Downer" who is usually found cursing at their computer or huffing and puffing from their desk.

The grouch would appreciate or maybe not so much… an awkwardly long and tight hug, a desk calendar with Valentine's Day ripped out, an e-harmony membership, bitters, a lengthy singing telegram, a free kickboxing lesson or a nerf gun to shoot everyone in the office. Take this as an opportunity to have some fun with this person, keep it light hearted and try to bring some joy to this person.


The Office Wall Flower: The shy, quiet individual who keeps to themselves yet always leaves an air of mystery about them… you like them, but you know nothing about them. Saint or sociopath, who knows?

The office wall flower would likely enjoy a gift card to a book store, big sunglasses or a mustache as a disguise, a mega phone to be heard by all coworkers, a trial improv class or a night out to a karaoke bar. Our personal favourite is a novelty diary to capture a list of their enemies. If you don't want to risk spending on a gift they may not be in to - send an email blast to your coworkers making sure they spark up a conversation with the wall flower every chance they get today!


The Office Alpha: The charismatic, life of the party, larger than life personality. They are full of positive energy and can best be defined as the fire cracker who you cannot ignore. You should know a ton about them because they never shut up… these gifts are easily customizable.

For the office alpha, you could have some fun and get them them a talking stick, a harness to keep them in their chairs so they can't walk around and disrupt people in the office or play a prank on them because you know they will be a good sport. If you're looking for something more thoughtful, tickets to an experience or event of some kind is right up their alley!

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