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  • Sarah Ruth, Business Intern

Ads That Hit You Right In The Feelings

In honour of Valentine’s day this week we thought it would make sense to talk about the LOVE in advertisements. We are going to give you a taste of romantic love, self-love and community love. I hope you have your tissues handy because we are about to share with you some of our favourite ads that hit you right in the feels.

Extra Gum: Story of Sarah and Juan

Extra Gum created the sweetest love story between Sarah and Juan. Extra gum walks with the couple through their story beginning in high school and until Juan asks Sarah to marry him. Throughout the entire video, Juan and Sarah are exchanging Extra gum and Juan is drawing pictures on the wrappers. When he asks her to marry him, the extra gum wrappers are framed along the wall and the last one of him with a ring. Check it out!

Why it hits you in the feels: The story of Sarah and Juan is a great example of how powerful story-telling is in advertising! The innocent love between the two is bawl-your-eyes-out worthy because we are all suckers for that sweet romance. We fell in love with how Extra Gum “wrapped” the highlights of their story and showcased the different stages of their journey in such a thoughtful and unique way.

Lean Cuisine: #WeighThis

Lean Cuisine took a whole new twist in 2015. A brand that was known as that dreaded diet brand, made a turnaround when they created their campaign about weighing women on who they are rather than pounds and kilos. They used experiential marketing, and at Grand Central Station, set up a wall full of bathroom scales and asked women what they wanted to weighed by. Their answers would be written on the scales for all to see.

Why it hits you in the feels: Lean Cuisine’s #WeighThis campaign was empowering to women in such a meaningful way. They helped women realize that they can love themselves for reasons greater than the amount of calories they eat or the amount of pounds they see on the scale. Their use of experiential marketing had it buzzing as it was reaching the heart strings of so many people. Love is such a powerful force that just cannot be measured.

President's Choice: #EatTogether

President’s Choice created two #EatTogether ads that had you sobbing in your seat. The two ads had the same message, encouraging Canadians to eat together. The first ad had a girl realize how separated people were from each other so in her apartment building she decided to put tables out in the hall. Eventually these neighbours begin to pile in with food and enjoy each other’s company. The second ad showed the different stages of growing up and as a kid your greatest memories were made while eating with other people. However, as you become an adult, time is of the essence and you drift apart and she found herself eating alone at work, and also realized that everyone else in the office was eating alone.

Why it hits you in the feels: President's did a fantastic job emphasizing their core message. It made me realize how disconnected we can be when we are wrapped up in our own little world. I think these ads really get you because at one point or another we have experienced loneliness, so to see the power in coming together was very moving. These advertisements scream about the importance of community-love between people and how we all need to come together. Absolutely bawled at these ads!

Whether you are spending the day with your sweetheart, with some friends, or taking the day to remember to love yourself, we hope you all have a great valentine’s day!

Comment some of your favourite ads that hit you in the feels :)

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