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  • Sarah Ruth, Business Intern

Buzzwords... Get Rid of Them. STAT.

We all know that one innovative company that is the thought leader in their dynamic affairs. They are exceedingly efficient when it comes to creating and maintaining their viral platform in everything focused, strategic, epic, passionate, synergy, -- hold up, what is this?

Here at NMI we literally CRINGE in our seats when we hear a company fall into the trap of using these overdone buzzwords. In theory, they sound nice but let's be real, every company in the world claims they are innovative and strategic. It is time to delete these words from your vocabulary and start using some fresh words to spice up that boring description or email.

Top ten words to delete:

1. Epic

2. Innovative

3. Thought leader

4. Synergy

5. Dynamic

6. Experienced

7. Certified

8. Focused

9. Strategic

10. Passionate

It's extremely easy to fall into the habit of using these words because they are so quick to come to mind (maybe because we hear them too much). Others believe that they sound professional and intelligent, however, is that really true? These words have become bland with their fleeting flavour. I mean, are you going to impress anyone with a word like epic?

Let's talk about some ways to shake these buzzwords out of your system.

1. Be real with your audience

You know what jargon is? No one is impressed by it, so take a break and just say what you got to say in plain English. First off, it's a lot easier to understand and second, your audience might not fall asleep.

2. Show your personality

Once you say good-bye to those buzzwords you can start to have a little fun with your bios and descriptions, add your own flare and be creative. Let your audience get a taste of who you really are.

3. Be more specific

Often, people will try to use fancy words to try to describe something, but are you familiar with the power of specification? Let's just say you're meeting with a client and you tell them that apples are so innovative and epic. That's not going to mean much to them. However, if you tell them that apples will appeal to their audience in a fresh way because they come in six different colours, now that's got some real value to it.

We want to hear how you shake off your most despised buzzwords! Share with us in the comments or reach out to us on Instagram and Twitter.

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