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  • Malorie Leonetti, Marketing Coordinator at NMI

NMI Review: SXSW, What Was Exciting?

If you’ve been following along, you probably know that NMI specializes in Soul Marketing and if you haven’t been, check out the definition here.

We focus on three main pillars for every single project we work on, internally or externally – they must be fresh, exciting and thoughtful. When we went to SXSW we wanted to judge the conference based on these standards.

Here is the list of exciting experiences we got to enjoy:


Sony hosted one of the best lounges we’ve seen yet. From the moment we walked in, the tone was set for new, exciting tech in a fun space. We walked into a warehouse like building to be greeted by neon lights and free beverages (already sold on this place!) Little did I know, we were about to walk into every tech lovers dream filled with wild examples of the latest inventions. There was a robot dog that can recognize up to one hundred faces and adjusts it's personality based on the things you like. Another room contained a drawing experience that allowed you to use your finger on a table to draw a picture and it would be projected on a screen. There was also multiple interactive VR games and experiences.

We found this such an exciting experience because of all the amazing tech involved. You left the building feeling pure joy, excitement and a sense of inspiration.


SXSW hosts a wonderful, large trade show every year with various vendors and companies there. Some are even broken down by country and OMG, Japan. It was so alarming to see where technology already is but so incredible and exciting. The displays ranges from robots that can retain information, to machines that can make humans soar in the air like a bird, to a robot that produces pixelated sushi. We are still in amazement and can't stop raving about all we saw.


Drinks were had... a lot of drinks but what made it exciting is that every bar had so much going on! The vibe itself on Rainey is brilliant - a street of houses and small buildings that have been converted into bars and clubs, each one filled with their own flair. THIS is where everyone went at the end of the day to unwind and network.

Our favourite part was that some bars were devoted to specific areas of the world - ie Canada House and Australia House. It gave people a chance to connect with others from their home which is always beneficial.

Rainey Street created a hub of pure excitement and good times - the reason we love it so much is because every single bar was full of different people and each location had a totally different theme - you could go every single night but you would still miss things.

Stay tuned for our review of what we thought was Fresh and Thoughtful in the next few weeks :)

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