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  • Sarah Ruth, Business Intern

Collaborative Work Space

Have you ever considered the shared office workspace? I mean the kind where you get to work in an office space with people from all different lines of work. You have this space to get things done. Each workplace is unique, private or shared, depending on the needs and desires of the company. It may vary depending on the amount of employees, or it may vary depending on the culture that is being fostered. Whatever the reason is, each place comes with their own highs and lows. Now having worked in a shared office space I wanted to let you in on my takeaways.

Networking Opportunities

One great thing about having a shared office space is the networking opportunities. You’re going to be bumping shoulders with people who are in all lines of work, so take advantage of this! Having this open space is perfect for establishing relationships with other businesses.

Collaboration Central

My favourite part of the shared office is the atmosphere of collaboration. You're literally sitting in the perfect space where everything is open and it's easy to grab a seat with someone and just work on things together. You will also have the chance to bounce ideas off of other entrepreneurs and businesses, something you wouldn't be able to do in a private office.

Privacy? Not Really

In my experience, it was always a challenge to find a space to either talk with co-workers or take a phone call in private. Especially when you have a multi-million dollar idea that you can't risk being leaked to the public. 😉 Thankfully, most of the time shared office spaces will have a meeting room available, but you need to be quick on the draw to book it!

Lots of Welcomed Distraction

It’s pretty much a given that when you’re working in an open space there will be more distractions than if you’re in a closed office. We all have heavier and lighter days, and they usually don’t sync up with the other people we're working with. This can easily cause some extra distractions, but it isn’t all bad. Sometimes these moments are all you need for that fresh perspective to get those creative juices flowing!

The Art of Being Portable

One major thing about working in a shared office, you need to learn to be portable. You wouldn’t leave unnecessary junk at the table and you wouldn't leave your expensive valuables. Only take the things you don't mind lugging around with you. Things like your laptop, notes, an extra pen and of course the biggest coffee mug you can find. You know the minimalist trend? No clutter will be on your desk in the shared office environment. And this my friends, is good news!

Working in a shared office space comes with a lot of excitement, relationship building, learning experiences and often times bottomless coffee -- it's pretty rad. I really think there is a lot of value in experiencing the shared office life. I know I enjoyed this approach with the "getter-done" attitude and the opportunity to work with all kinds of people.

Now of course there are a lot more takeaways that we could have mentioned, but we want to hear your thoughts on the shared office space!

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