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  • Malorie Leonetti, Marketing Coordinator at NMI

#SOULMRKTG: Local Companies That are Fresh, Exciting and Thoughtful

We keep talking about all the reasons why we love being a part of the KW community, one of which always includes the other incredible start-ups that have built a name for themselves here – we figured it was time to give you the run down on the ones that align with our core values and that are fresh, exciting and thoughtful. Check it out:


Vidyard is an online video platform that focuses on generating better business results through video experiences, engagement and insights. Founded in 2010 by three UW students, Vidyard has grown into a company that works with big names all over the world.

The work they do is awesome but the culture they have created is even better. They have built an office that gives all tastes an atmosphere where they can be the most productive, unlimited vacation time, their team is well fed with complimentary snacks and lunches every day and they understand our #workhardplayhard attitude with an abundance of fun team building and parties for the employees. To top off being a wicked company with the coolest office culture, they are always giving back to the community through volunteer work with House of Friendship or by arranging blood donation days for their team at the local clinic.

These guys are FRESH. They ditched the old school, clock punching 9-5, they keep their employees working by encouraging them to have fun and take time off and they make giving back to the community a priority… Vidyard is changing the game by proving that culture is the new currency.


Okay… call us crazy but yes, a commercial floor cleaning robot made our list. Have you met Neo yet?!

Avidbots is a team of world-class engineers that are bringing robots into everyday life to expand human potential. They kicked off in 2014 when founders Pable Molina and Faizan Sheikh initially explored snow clearing applications for robotics. Instead, they created Neo, the web controlled and mapped robot floor cleaner for large spaces such as airports, large companies, educational facilities and health care centres. Neo has been purchased all over the world.

Of course, building robots that can and give humans their time back is incredible on its own but what drew us to them is their company values. Featured proudly, front and centre on the website, Avidbots lists their very many but very important values. These include: Customers First, Think Big, Be Passionate, Be Humble, Be Creative, Be Frugal, Be Transparent and Honest, Work Hard, Embrace Risk and Failure, and, Quality.

We respect that they didn’t narrow these values down and pick a top three. Each one of these speaks volumes to what is important to the Avidbots team and what they believe in – getting these insights from a company helps to drive likeminded people to purchase. THAT is fresh and thoughtful - that makes customers feel good and grows fans.


We are OBSESSED. Natural, locally sourced ingredients, new flavors every month and duh, it's ICE CREAM(!) – how can you not love them?

Four All focuses on four main categories to accommodate the most adventurous ice cream lovers to the most particular.

  • The Classic – timeless, understated and constant, the flavors that never go out of style.

  • The Foodie – adventures in ice cream with unique flavor combinations inspired by the culinary world.

  • The Vegan – mindful and delightful, non-dairy, plant-based treats that allow you to indulge without compromise to your wellbeing.

  • Our personal favourite is The Childhood – throwback goodness that tastes like nostalgia and at NMI we are ALL about the nostalgia factor.

These folks hit the “fresh, exciting, thoughtful” nail on the head with their ability to take a simple, beloved product and turn it into such a feel good, do good experience. We have a thing for companies that focus on the greater good of the world, the support of local businesses and that tie it all together with a rad, nostalgia bow.

Tune in next month for more local businesses that we are head over heels for!

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