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Okay, But Is Monday A Holiday?

Putting the Civic Holiday confusion to rest!

In Canada there are 9 Statutory Holidays that every resident of Canada gets off and there are also Civic Holidays that for the most part, many people don't get off. Civic Holidays are always questioned by employees if they are work free or desk bound for the day. The next Civic Holiday is on August 6. The big question that every person asks themselves or is confused about every year is... Do I get it off? Are you wanting to enjoy your long weekend without pondering if it's a holiday or not? Will you call in sick or make up some excuse like your car broke down, or a loved one is in the hospital? Whatever that may be, save yourself the hassle of a lame excuse. We are going to clear up the confusion for this special day, so you can enjoy the weekend stress free.

A Civic holiday is celebrated the first Monday of August. Some companies classify it as a public holiday therefore, employees get it off. In some provinces in Canada it is not a statutory holiday, so you will not be getting the Monday off. If you are working for the government, union, school board, if you're a student, or if you have made a special request for that day off, it will be a holiday for you. If you're living in Ontario and you are not any of those things, sadly you do not get Monday off.

Let's turn this negative into a positive. On Friday August 3rd, come to work earlier than you normally would. Take a shorter lunch and leave earlier, so you are still getting that long weekend feel, right? This ensures you will beat the traffic and get a long-ish weekend. Or if you most defiantly need to have the Monday off, your excuse better be awesome, think about all the other people who want that day off and will be using the same excuses.

Have a great long weekend (maybe) and if not, we will see you bright and early for Monday morning coffee 😉

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