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Setting Yourself Up For Success: Fall Edition

It's hard to believe August is almost over... Though I'm sure, just like us, you're trying to soak up whats left of summer but it's time to start asking yourself the important question: what are you doing to prepare for the cooler months? Although the new year technically starts on January 1st and companies finish their fiscal year at different times during the year, going into Fall for parents and students feels like starting a new year. With a few weeks to spare, you should be thinking of getting ahead, so you don't fall behind ;)

Stock the Fridge/Pantry - Meal Planning

It being August, this is the best time to start planning out your meals. Whether this being solely dinner foods or packing the kid's lunches. Prepare grocery lists, clear out space in the pantry, stock it up and try maintaining a healthy menu for yourself and your family. Make and prepare foods and freeze them so when the busy fall season rolls in, simply grab, heat up and go.

The best part about prepping freezer meals now is taking advantage of all of the beautiful summer fruits and vegetables that just aren't as good in the Fall months. Make it part of your Sunday routine - hit the local farmers market and make yourself a few freezer meals.

Post Work Activities

Start signing up for those fitness classes, gym membership, kid’s lesson’s etc. Or at least be thinking about what you are wanting to sign up for. Create a new personal goal or a goal that you want your children to achieve. Need some inspiration?

-Check out the YMCA for your local gym. They have an indoor track, swimming pool (lessons for your rug rats 😉), fitness classes, basketball and 2 big gyms.

-Kickboxing: locally in KW, we recommend trying out Double Dragon Kickboxing. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, they offer some great classes for all levels. A great stress releaser.

-Pottery: 4Cats Arts Studio in Waterloo is a prime spot for a well needed stress releaser after a long hard day.

Vacation Payday

The year is almost over, have you used up all your vacation days? If not, get to it! Start planning for a long weekend vacation, go on a road trip, take a day off and just hang out at home. Make the most of the last few weeks of summer! Either with the kids, by yourself or with your significant other.

Creating Deadlines/Goals

Start now by creating resolutions that you are hoping to complete by a set date. Say by September 5th you are hoping to discuss with your boss what you are hoping to add on to your workload. Spend this month to figure out when you’re wanting to achieve tasks by.

We hope you were able to take advice from this article and find the success for getting ahead. Let us know what you thought and if you have any other ideas to add on this topic.

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