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  • Malorie Leonetti, Marketing Coordinator at NMI

Round 2: Local Companies That Are Fresh, Exciting and Thoughtful

If you tuned in last month, you saw our blog highlighting three local companies that have not only created fresh, exciting and thoughtful businesses but have also made us so proud to be a start up in the KW region. We realized when writing that blog that there are so many commendable businesses in the area that this would have to be an on-going thing ;)

Check out this month’s fresh, exciting and thoughtful businesses.

Shame on you if you haven’t tried this place yet!

Debrodniks opened their brick and mortar donut shop in Kitchener in July of 2016 after years of selling through a pop donut shop and through their sandwich shop in Waterloo. For starters, who doesn’t love fresh donuts? It’s hard not to fall head over heels for their beautiful pastries and brilliant flavor combinations but our favourite part? The process behind the holey goodness.

Straight from the source: Debrodniks is committed to making good donuts in a world where good donuts are becoming increasingly rare. Our donuts start with a slow rise process and traditional donut making techniques. We craft every pastry by hand, with a focus on making the softest, fluffiest donuts, just layered with flavour. We invite KW to wake up with Debrodniks fresh donuts and coffee, a perfect way to bring the Happy to any day! In a processed world, hand crafted anything is a rarity! These guys know the importance of quality and creating a personal experience.


Local Line is an easy to use e-commerce and logistics platform for food suppliers that allows suppliers to control their own brand and grow their business on their own terms. They give companies the opportunity to totally customize their platform and make their products available to customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – it even allows for tracking, updating and follow ups directly on the platform.

They kicked off in 2015 as a service matching farmers and chefs and the delivery system was done out of the back of the CEO’s SUV! From there they launched the first platform that has grown into what Local Line is today.

The rumor that millennials are killing chain restaurants is likely a true one – why? Because they like to know where our food comes from and we would much rather support local and THAT is why we love these guys. They are standing behind the #SupportLocal movement and are helping chefs to bring quality foods to their restaurants through our local, hardworking farmers. How thoughtful is that?!


Miovision helps to build smart cities by transforming the way traffic is managed through the world’s most advanced traffic AI systems – their innovations in traffic signal planning and operations have made it possible for cities to improve the commutes of not only drivers, but pedestrians and cyclists.

Miovision serves over 17,000 municipalities WORLDWIDE. It’s hard to believe that three students from the University of Waterloo stared such a powerful company in their basement and now have offices in KW and Germany!

They made the list for a lot of reasons but our favourite is the fact that they focus on problem solving and the good of tomorrow.

With the rise of IoT and technological advances in all aspects of modern life, citizens expect their daily interactions with city infrastructure to work in the same efficient and seamless manner as all other areas of modern life. Citizens are starting to insist on less traffic, on-demand city services, and accessibility for all. Miovision helps shape this vision into reality.

It isn’t often that you find companies that are focused on anything other than the “now” - these guys are literally changing how cities function for all the people in it. Exciting, if you ask us ;)

Will your company be on our list next month? Drop us a line so we can learn more about you!

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