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  • Navin Chand, President

New Moon Ideas is FIVE!!!

I've been told that when a company turns five, it means you've officially arrived. You might actually be able to explain what you do without stumbling, or identify who you are and why you exist with confidence. I can say with pride that we have unlocked these achievements during this milestone year and I'm pumped about the next level ahead.

This year we went on some fun adventures and wild rides, made some new friends and tried some new things - all in the name of 'why not', or perhaps to the sound of a didgeridoo (long story). We've established our practice as Soul Marketing, and even wrote a book about it - download a free copy! (shameless plug). It's all about turning your customers into fans because they are the most powerful marketing you can get. It's a universal concept that we believe in and where we focus our efforts - you'll see more about that in the coming year! If you're really curious you can get your own Soul Marketing score now (makes for great holiday reading).

This has been a whirlwind year complete with big accomplishments, growth and learning. Moving forward New Moon Ideas will continue to center itself on Soul Marketing and continue to stand for fresh, exciting and thoughtful experiences. Time will always be made to work hard and play hard. On our fifth anniversary (crazy!) I'm taking this moment to pause, celebrate and say thank you to all of our team members, clients, partners, friends and supporters who have believed in this company's approach and enable us to do what we love.

On our first anniversary I said 'I guess we're a thing'; five years later I guess we're really a thing now.

Thank you!

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