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  • Malorie Leonetti, Marketing Coordinator at NMI

Working Around the Globe

We often talk about working remote – after all, if you have a laptop and your work allows for it… why not? One thing we don’t talk about often is working while traveling.

We are lucky to have incredible clients across the globe, but this means there is a lot of time spent working from computers and phones in airports, hotel rooms, conference centers and the back seat of an Uber… Not always glamorous but at the end of the day, our brand still needs to flourish while we work on the same for our clients.

Here are some tips we have learned on our current world tour 😊

Get Good at Communicating

Unless you work totally solo, chances are you will have to talk to someone on your team while you’re away. Arranging calls can be difficult between travel schedules and time changes – get comfortable with being able to communicate your exact needs via email.

This comes down to wording, formatting and grammar – read your email and then, read it AGAIN before you press send. Try to put yourself in the shoes of the person on the receiving end and whether they will understand fully or have some questions.

Time changes and travel schedules take away a great deal of time – having to go back and forth over simple things via email will derail your limited and precious work time very quickly.

Do the Pre-Work

Internet is crucial for almost every business in the world. Unfortunately, while traveling you may not always have access to Wi-Fi.

Pre-load your computer with ANY research or information you will need to complete your work. Not having Wi-Fi should not be your excuse for not having your work done.

Three Words: Noise Canceling Headphones

Real talk, airports and conference centres are noisy AF. It can be really hard to maintain focus and plug away at what needs to get done.

Throw some headphones on with some calming music or some motivating jams – anything that will get you in your zone and keep you there until you are ready to close up shop.

Avoid the Booze – No Matter How Tempting

How wonderful is it that you can show up to the airport and order a drink whenever you want? I mean, I’m a sucker for a 9am glass of wine just as much as the next person but the system we have found most successful is making that glass your reward once the work is done.

It sounds like not being able to watch TV until you do your homework and…. It’s kind of exactly like that. But hey, the reward system works!

Keep your mind clear and focused, give yourself something to look forward to and pound that laptop until the checklist is complete.

Listen to Your Body

Working is cool, traveling is even cooler but they both take a huge toll on your body and mental wellbeing.

It is okay to not go out at night just because you are in a new city. It is also okay to snuggle up with your laptop at 6pm in your jamjams with your hotel pillows to go through your inbox before calling it a night.

If your body needs a break, take it or it could effort your work and health long term.


This is the most challenging of the bunch… You are going to be busy, and full of caffeine but barely functioning, with very limited down time for working on your own projects. It is 100% okay to ask your team for help and support so your work doesn’t suffer while you are away.

I’m sure we will pick some more up along the way 😉 Feel free to share your own tips and tricks with us!

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