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  • Malorie Leonetti, Marketing Coordinator at NMI


Many companies are stuck in the stereotypical 9-5 grind. You know, the one where you show up 10 minutes early, you sit at your desk all day, barely talk to your co-workers, take exactly 60 minutes for lunch and leave precisely at 5PM, where the hierarchy is in full effect. The one where you are “there to do your job” and nothing else, where you are to have minimal fun and waste no time – after all, you have your allotted two weeks of vacation for that. You punch the clock, collect your paycheck and you go home.

Other companies are starting to understand the importance of happy employees. Happy employees work hard and won’t leave, happy employees have clear minds and big ideas. These companies are understanding that company culture might be more valuable than the pay check at the end of the week.

What does this mean? Companies are creating a “work family” at their offices, giving their employees little perks that make them feel like they are appreciated and part of something larger. It doesn’t need to be over the top and complicated, simple things like lunch or games nights, snacks at the office, social opportunities to get to know each other, team building outings, and fun events that they can look forward to or even just plain recognition of their hard work.

The old saying “If you don’t show appreciation to those that deserve it, they’ll learn to stop doing the things you appreciate” fully applies in the work place. Show your employees that they matter to you and that you value their work. Our tips?

Plan a Team Building Session:

There are so many ways to plan a fun team building session, they don’t need to be stiff or cheesy. You can plan an outing that appeals to your team like virtual reality, axe throwing, rock climbing, escape rooms, pottery or a cooking class – something that everyone can get involved with and show a side of themselves that their co-workers may not have seen.

You can also take this as an opportunity to give back to the community by arranging a blood drive, doing a park clean up, or helping with a not-for-profit organization. It gives your employees a chance to unwind while doing something truly meaningful with their work friends.


Stock the Fridge:

That’s right, it can be that easy… stock the fridge or cupboards with some yummy local snacks that employees can grab when they hit that afternoon wall. Have an assortment of teas and coffees available, throw some fresh baked goods on the counter every few weeks, pick up some candy for a Friday afternoon – have fun with it. I mean, how can you work if you’re hungry??



There are so many holidays and reasons to celebrate every year – you don’t need to have a huge New Years Eve gala but who doesn’t love dressing up for a little Halloween potluck or throwing bunny ears on for Easter? It’s an easy opportunity to encourage your employees to let loose for a few hours and have some serious fun.


Call Them Out:

This probably seems like the easiest but is often the most forgotten, recognize the hard work! Thank them, call them out in a team meeting, send a nice email, right them a note, slip them a gift card, even a text message to just say “thank you” to say you see how hard they’ve been working and that you are grateful for their efforts, that they are doing an awesome job and that they are making a difference. It matters.

Let us know how it goes for you!

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