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  • Malorie Leonetti, Marketing Coordinator at NMI

Local Love: Working Outdoors in KW

Tis the season, FINALLY! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and nobody wants to be cooped up in a cubicle with no windows and the smell of a co-worker’s tuna fish sandwich. We tracked and tried some of the best spots in KW to hunker down on a beautiful day. Note that these places are WiFi free so pre-load your work or do some of those offline tasks that you’ve been procrastinating on. Hey, you might even get more done sooner without the Spotify and Social Media distractions! Check it out:


Located closed to downtown Kitchener, Victoria Park offers many different settings for every work style. There are breathtaking gardens, hundred-year-old trees, peaceful spots near the river, upbeat locations near the splash pad – there are picnic tables and benches scattered among the park so you can get comfy and get stuff done. Bonus, The Boathouse is also right on the water and they have awesome drinks. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!


Tucked away in Rim Park, the Rotary Peace Park can be found directly beside the building, closest to the road. The local Rotary Clubs came together years ago and created a beautiful space of tall flowers, grasses and an incredible art installation. Every plant was handpicked to represent peace, wellness and unity. The art installation chimes with the wind and offers the perfect landing spot for local birds. Not many people are aware that the Peace Park is hidden at this location which makes for a silent, serene spot to buckle down.


Well, if you’re like us and get distracted by all things with four legs or feathers, this may not be an ideal place to actually check things off of your to do list but maybe our animal friends there could influence a brainstorming session? The Waterloo Zoo offers tons of green space, trails, a lively farm area and loads of tables and benches for you to set up shop for the afternoon.


Located uptown Waterloo, The Square offers a bumping location to get work done. Grab a spot on the stairs, get inspired by the people watching, traffic and local fun happening in the hub of Uptown. You can even take a break, make a new friend and play some of the life-sized games they have for the public to use. We should also mention the amazing food scene you will be surrounded by – gotta fuel the body!

Hit us with your favourite KW spots 😊

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