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Why We Brainstorm

If you’ve been following along with the NMI journey, you know we are big believers in regular brainstorming sessions. Not only does it make for a fun break in the typical 9 – 5 workday but it encourages some of our best ideas, campaigns and team work. No matter what your company is, chances are you could benefit from a few hours of ideation generation.

At NMI we have found that brainstorming is vital. Here’s why it matters to us:


The office hierarchy can be damaging on company culture and the ability to perform like a team. Brainstorming sessions allows you to hear everyone at the table equally, instead of ideas coming from management down. You hired your employees for a reason, trust their ideas – chances are, someone will mention something you may not have thought of before.

Brainstorming is also a great tool to bring quieter employees out of their shell. Brainstorming sessions tend to turn into “snowballing” – “snowballing” is a magical thing where someone discusses an idea and everyone adds to it, snowballing into something larger and totally awesome. The snowball effect not only leads to great ideas but encourages all employees to roll with what’s happening and voice their own thoughts.


It’s very easy, especially after being in business for multiple years, to resort back to the things that you have always done. Brainstorming allows for more strategic, critical thinking through all stages of your plan by forcing you to break down and analyze all the details from beginning to end. In doing this, you get to be a hell of a lot more creative and you’re encouraging your team to be involved in that process.

Encourage your team to think outside of the norm, to look at other campaigns for inspiration, to take risks. Our motto at NMI is “if we aren’t scaring you a little, we aren’t doing our job!” Don’t be afraid to get weird, people dig it.


Instead of playing 20 questions and getting to know basic facts about each other, our team finds huge benefit in letting our wildest ideas fly together. It’s proven that groups that practice brainstorming together also learn how to work better together. There is a beauty in team ownership over campaigns, products and events – especially because no one person ends up feeling responsible for all the work. This is an easy way to teach your team about working together and identifying strengths that you may not have known about otherwise.

If you are new to brainstorming with your team, check out our other blog on brainstorming tips. If you’re frequent brainstormers – what are some of your favourite team successes? Our website and social media is filled with our team favourites 😊

Not sure how to kick off and are looking for some assistance? Give us a call! We’ve included things like brainstorming sessions in our list of services.

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