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  • Malorie Leonetti, Marketing Coordinator at NMI

Companies That Are Rocking Twitter

In the age of social media, standing out from hundreds of thousands other brands can be a challenge. Finding your unique voice is key to being heard and seen in such a competitive digital world. Many brands have kept a very professional, business focused tone which let’s be honest, occasionally comes off as dull and gets a hard scroll past on social media. We have selected a few companies that have gone above and beyond, giving us a good laugh and inspiration by letting their personality shine.


As a food company, it’s easy to share images of new menu items, promotions and respond to complaints or questions. Taco Bell takes it to another level with their relentless, hilarious banter, with just about anyone who wants to engage. Whoever runs the Taco Bell Twitter account deserves a huge raise.


Netflix has already brought joy and entertainment to people all over the world and they continue to do it with their online presence. From television quotes to snappy responses to identifying with the movie lover in all of us – here are a few of our favourites!


For real, a toilet paper company made the list. Why? Because they managed to make a toilet paper company entertaining and charming. I mean, why not have fun with it? We all use it.


This one shouldn’t be a surprise considering their television ad campaigns have been brilliantly comical since 2010 when they began targeting the younger demographic. They managed to keep the same tone throughout their social, to the point that you read the tweets in the Old Spice voice.

The lesson? Show your personality. Have fun with it. No one wants to read dull, monotone business talk. Set yourself apart from the competition and connect with your fans😊

Not sure where to start? Give us a call.

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