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  • Malorie Leonetti, Marketing Coordinator at NMI

Goodbye Summer, Hello "New Year"

It’s hard to believe that Labour Day weekend is here, which means summer is coming to an end. In a few days the kids will be heading back to school and before you know it, we will all be in a tornado of knit sweaters, holiday dinners and jam-packed department stores. You better believe we’ll be listening to Boys of Summer on repeat.

This time of year can be overwhelming. It’s hard not to spiral and think about how quickly 2019 has flown by and mentally going through your calendar and to do list from now until December – it can all feel unmanageable. We shifted our thinking to pretend that right after Labour Day, the new year starts because, let’s be honest, life feels a lot more different with the shift from Summer to Fall than the shift from December to January.

Here are a few tips to kicking off your “new year” in the most productive way.


Of course, brunch and afternoon drinks with your crew sounds much more enjoyable but carve some time to tackle your to do list. Get your laundry done and folded, do your meal planning and grocery shopping for the week, tidy your house, get your work stuff in order for Monday morning. Simple tasks like this can help set you up for a more productive week.


Prep everything in advance – it will start your morning in a much better way. Lay out your clothes, pack lunches, load the crock pot with veggies for dinner. It sounds a little tedious, but it certainly helps to keep you organized, on time and stress free as your schedule starts to return to its crazy state.


It’s easy to fall off the workout wagon as it starts to get cold outside and darker earlier. Staying active is one of the best ways to prevent seasonal depression and for some, it’s the only time that you really get to focus on yourself. It shouldn’t be something you dread doing – find a fun activity that you look forward to. There are so many awesome studios popping up all over KW with unique options for keeping your body moving.


September typically jumpstarts the holiday panic. Take a moment to enjoy all the little pleasures that come with the cooler weather – those specialty warm drinks at your favourite coffee shop, the leaves changing colour, the fairs and events, your favourite jeans making their first appearance after the heat of August. SOAK IT UP! It’s a great practice in being mindful and in the moment, which aids in stress management and just make you a little bit happier.

Have a fun and safe long weekend, NMI Friends! We will see you in the “new year” 😊

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