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  • Navin Chand, President

Same Us, New Year!

At New Moon Ideas, September is the beginning of our year - both fiscally and spiritually. We use the brief summer months not only to actually enjoy the season and recharge our batteries but also to reflect on the year that was and plan for the year to come. We took the time to look inside ourselves as an organization and practice what we preach on staying fresh, exciting and thoughtful.

I’m proud to say that over the last few years we have been pioneering our philosophy in Soul Marketing, continuing to grow and mature as a group, and telling our story much stronger than ever before. Now without showing all of our cards at once (because that’s no fun), the first outcome of this summer exercise was to invigorate our website and launch our Soul Marketing quiz that helps to answer the question “You have customers, but do you have fans?” This short but engaging quiz gives anyone who wears that marketing hat a chance to get a free report from us that will gauge your current fan spectrum along with a few ideas on ways to improve it (shameless plug).

The other big piece we revamped on our website was a much more thoughtful description of our stages of service: Design, Develop and Direct. Our core areas of focus and support are found in the first stage but apply throughout the next two. As a more niche marketing agency that specializes in strategic design to promote brand advocacy, we also carry the experience and strength in project management to alleviate some of the stress from you or your team on a plan in progress. Ideally, we'll work with you from start to finish on a project because it helps maintain consistency, keeping to the core objectives of the plan even when last minute changes come up. But we can meet you at any stage of the process, depending on your needs because we're cool like that.

We have a passion for concepting and ideation, weaving a comprehensive plan together that makes sense for your brand and creates a closer connection to your customers, fans and advocates. We love the design stage because that’s the moment when the excitement is real, the energy is tangible, and anything seems possible. Typically, this tapers off once reality kicks in and you start talking budget, timing, resources, etc. And so many times the output is a compromised or misaligned plan that doesn’t necessarily hit the original objectives anymore but seems to work for everyone and the ‘big ideas’ are saved for next year. We’ve found that if the right guidelines are set in that initial phase you can productively find a balance between what’s real and what’s imaginable so the excitement can be maintained, and a kick ass idea is born.

As our own story unfolds this year, you will continue to see how New Moon Ideas thinks about and executes Soul Marketing, helping our clients grow fans through fresh, exciting and thoughtful experiences.

By now you may have some of these questions floating through your head, “What is Soul Marketing?, Do we have fans? How are we growing our fans? Who are these cool people? Can they help us maybe? Why am I still reading this??”

We’re ready when you are.

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