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  • Malorie Leonetti, Marketing Coordinator at NMI

NMI Weigh In: Museum of the Moon

New fiscal year, new blog series? We think so. We have stuck to writing our own content which has been a blast – however, there are so many incredible campaigns, efforts and just all-around cool stuff going on that we cannot ignore anymore! Once a month, we are going to take a minute to give our take on some of the awesomeness that we’ve seen.

So here it goes and the first one hits close to home, geographically and well because, moons… 😉

This 7-metre-wide beauty came to Toronto this month and was featured for five evenings in the hangout under the Gardiner. The sculpture work was done by UK artist, Luke Jerram to bring the moon’s surface to life on earth. It allows visitors to get up close and personal with the moon while reminding us all of the role the moon plays in out daily lives despite urban barriers like light pollution and high-rise density.

Why do we love this? First off, at New Moon Ideas, we love anything with moons. We also love all things experiential and if we’re diving a little deeper, this five-day exhibit not only gave people an educational perspective and the experience of a lifetime, but it brought thousands of strangers together to enjoy moon gazing and moonlight meditation together. A beautiful break from reality and a gentle reminder to appreciate nature and the astronomical body that orbit our earth.

This exhibit checked off all of the fresh, exciting and thoughtful boxes for us.

Check it out here!

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