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  • Navin Chand, President

Are You Scared Yet?

Halloween is my favourite holiday of the year. It embodies everything that New Moon Ideas is about – being fresh, exciting and thoughtful. It’s the one time that collectively everyone from young and old can use as an excuse to unleash their creative spirit, be celebrated for openly expressing themselves, encouraged to have fun and let loose for a moment. It’s freedom to be anything for a day.

Is this an overstatement? Perhaps, but the workout for your imagination and shockwaves to your emotions are a healthy dose of necessary that most people don’t get to feel much on a regular basis (unless you’re a Cosplayer, Drag Queen or Marvel Superhero). Not to mention that people watching is quite possibly my favourite activity so there’s that, plus pumpkin carving is my jam, the general dark and spooky stuff, with the silly behaviour, and the Halloween movies and specials, and of course the candy… I could go on but I think you get it – I’m more than a fan.

Many people associate Halloween with strong emotions like fear, shock or terror. The interesting thing is how those emotions are both expected and embraced during this time. Thrill seekers hunt out experiences like haunted houses, corn mazes and fear factories to have the living daylights scared out of them as entertainment. While everyone’s threshold and capacity for these things vary, it seems to be more generally accepted for this holiday in particular. There’s a reason being scared occasionally is good for you – it breaks the mental routines, creates a disruption in your patterns to make you stop and check your surroundings. Maybe it helps identify a need for change or allows you to see things from a different perspective.

Sometimes that’s the kind of thinking you need with your marketing. It’s easy to give you the answer you’re looking for and there are a thousand agencies out there who can nod, oblige and send an invoice but that’s just not us. At New Moon Ideas, we embrace that Halloween spirit and strive to apply that kind of creative energy and belief that anything is possible to keeping our ideas fresh, exciting and thoughtful. We want to make you stop and think, check your surroundings and see things from a different perspective – we call it soul marketing. Our passion is turning your customers into fans but the work is a pivot to what you might already be doing. If that thought brings the same kind of anxious yet excited feeling you get for Halloween escapades, then you also know how going through with them makes you feel alive. Here is one of the best pieces of career advice I received years ago that continues to resonate and I find appropriate to share today – simply put I was told, “If you’re not scaring us, then you’re not doing your job.” So, have you been scared by us yet?

Happy Halloween everyone!

-Navin Chand

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