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  • Malorie Leonetti, Marketing Coordinator at NMI

New Moon Ideas is SIX!

New Moon Ideas has been a living dream for six years now. Reflecting on the past twelve months, I would say it's been a period of disruption and extremes - both positive and negative. The last year has been a wild ride complete with superb achievement unlocked moments, rattle your cage challenges and eye-opening opportunities for growth and learning. There have been higher highs and lower lows than ever before, including things in between we'd never dreamt of or questioned ourselves about previously. As uncomfortable as this might make you feel, you have a choice to let fear take you down or channel the energy to take you to new places. I choose the latter and I wouldn’t have it any other way because it makes me feel alive, and life is too short for the alternative. I know, that’s deep so I’ll just leave that there.

As we move into year seven, I’ll overkill the clichés on 2020 in one shot to get ahead of it – our vision will be to stay focused with our eyes wide open as we look ahead with a new lens for clarity. See what I did there?

You will hear these cheesy references all year long from the marketing and corporate world until you want to throw up or your eyes roll so far back in your head they don’t return – but consider yourself warned, it’s coming. And while clarity is going to be my short mantra for 2020 (mainly because I can’t resist a good analogy or pun), the meaning is really about making sure we’re staying true to who we are and what we do. New Moon Ideas will continue to center itself on Soul Marketing and continue to stand for fresh, exciting and thoughtful experiences. Time will always be made to work hard and play hard. On our sixth anniversary I'm taking this moment to pause, celebrate and say thank you to all of our team members, clients, partners, friends and supporters who stand behind this company's approach, allow us to be who we are and encourage us to do what we love.

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