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  • Malorie Leonetti, Marketing Coordinator at NMI

Staying Focused on Those 2020 Goals

Happy New Year, friends! We are almost two weeks into the new decade and back to work after the holidays. Despite feeling rested, relax and ready to take on 2020, some of the goals you set for yourself may be slipping already. It’s easy to make excuses so we’ve come up with a list of things to help keep you focused and accountable.


So silly and so simple but tidy up your workspace and clean out your go-to work bag! If you’re anything like me, your work bag houses receipts, snack wrappers, an extra pair of shoes, a handful of pens that don’t work, unopened mail and a few too many sticks of lip chap. Everyday I look at the mess and think about how frustrating it is, but then continue to cram my laptop into it. Clean it out, wipe away some of the stress and get organized. It will help to keep you focused and feeling clearer all together.


You don’t need to get yourself a brand-new, trendy journal that you will only open on day one or download another app that you will delete when your running out of storage room to keep track of your goals and to-do list.

Some people (ahem, Navin) need a colour coded whiteboard, some find bullet journals a fun and creative way to see their progress and creativity, some need a simple list in their phone or on their computer. Find the way that works for you and stick to it! There is something so satisfying in checking things off your list and it’s proven that seeing your goals regularly will keep you accountable.


It’s hard to make time for new goals when you’re taking on too much already. You must clear space to make space – start decline those things that you dread so you’ll have room and time for the things you love. Also, huge bonus, you no longer have to do the things you hate which will instantly make you happier.


Find your tribe – the people that will keep you accountable, that will push you, and that will challenge you. Depending on your goal, this may not be a group of your friends, you may have to do some digging to find your biggest supporters and in 2020, you have options.

Social media is a great way to bring people from all over the world together, find a group or a hashtag to follow that suits your needs. Find message boards or subreddits with likeminded people who are going after the same goal. Join a new club. Ask for if any of your friends know someone who might be a good match. You are never alone, you do not need to tackle 2020 alone, you may just need to add to or revise your support circle.


Just because you slipped up does not mean that you must throw your goals out the window. Look at the progress you’ve made and keep on trucking! You got this :)

How are you hitting your 2020 goals?

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