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  • Malorie Leonetti, Marketing Coordinator at NMI

Local Love: Reaching Those Goals

We're kicking off the new year with a new list of local businesses that we can’t get enough of. This month we focused on the businesses/spots that are keeping us motivated and helping us to work towards our 2020 goals! Check out a few of our favourites:


Hustl + Flow | | 120 King St S, Waterloo

If you haven't seen these folks taking over your Instagram, you're missing out! The Hustl + Flow squad have not only created a badass fitness atmosphere, but have formed an incredible and inclusive community for their members. They have curated a versatile range of classes that make you move and come alive. The team there are all about motivating and inspiring because iyou can discover the highest version of yourself and individually and collectively, we can make a positive influence on the world. How cool is it that we have a local fitness establishment that is all about the greater good while making you sweat?!

We're here for it, Hustl + Flow.



Canada Learning Code |

Not a local biz specifically but a great Canadian initiative that houses many events in the KW region - with the help of local sponsors like our pals at Communitech. Canada Learning Code offers programs/groups for ladies, girls, kids, teans and teachers who want to learn how to code. Their goal is to give people access to the knowledge they need to prosper in a digital world- and the coolest part is, they bring it right to you! Check out their site for local events and workshops (typically, pay-what-you-can, all day programs) so you can dive deeper into the digital world and learn more about coding and technology.


Kitchener Public Library | | 85 Queen St N, Kitchener

Speaking of digital... In the age of all things digital and with the crazy speed of digital progression, there is something comforting and nostalgic in visiting the library and being surrounded by paperbacks. The Kitchener Public Library has crafted an inspiring space for you to disconnect, catch up on a good book in a quiet space and expand your knowledge. They also have an online platform that you can utilize, plus multiple events and workshops throughout the year to encourage you further.



The Floral Studio Co | | 175 Borden Ave S, Kitchener

Shopping local is always a good idea and the folks at The Floral Studio Co make it easy. Established in 2018, The Floral Studio Co offers more than just flower arrangements and bouquets. They have created a store of locally sourced, natural goods for all your gifting needs (or for you, because #TreatYourself) and workshops to channel your creativity. How can you not love a business that takes such great care and pride in providing local goods?

What local companies are inspiring you to stay on track in 2020?

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