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  • Malorie Leonetti, Marketing Coordinator at NMI

NMI Weigh In: Super Bowl Ads

Let's be honest, the real reason the marketing professionals are tuning into the game is to check out the expensive ad spots and to see what agencies are doing impressive new things. So, you guessed it, we're diving into some of our favourite Super Bowl ads for 2020 - we focused on ads that left us feeling something and that covered our three main pillars here at NMI; Fresh, Exciting and Thoughtful.

Microsoft's "Be The One"

Microsoft used a one minute spot to celebrate the first ever female NFL assistant coach, Katie Sowers. This breaksdown all gender barriers and stigmas around male and female "roles" - it highlights Katie following her dreams after seeing her father coach but not having an example because females didn't have a place in football. The message is behind this one is powerful and so relevent as we continue to work towards equality.

"I'm not trying to be the best female coach, I'm trying to be the best coach... All it takes is one, then it opens the door for so many."

We see you, Katie and you're making the world proud!

Budweiser's "Typical American"

This year, Budweiser steered away from their typical sweet dog ads or from having a long list of celebrities drinking their product in a thirty-second spot. Budweiser put together a list of "typical American" stereotypes that could be seen as obnoxious or negative and turned them into beautiful moments. A really special tribute to the people of America - relatable, heartwarming and a brilliant way to turn those stereotypes into something good.

Google's "Loretta"

Well, we were a blubbering mess fifteen seconds into this one. Google's Loretta features an 85-year old man asking Google to help him to remember special moments with his late wife, her favourite flowers, quotes she used the say, the songs she used to hum, photos of their life together, their favourite movie. This one hit us right in the feels and gave us an important reminder to remember the little, beautiful things, while subtly showcasing the many uses of Google.

What were your favourite 2020 Super Bowl ads? Tag us on Twitter.

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