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  • Malorie Leonetti, Marketing Coordinator at NMI

Valentine's Day: Why We LOVE Our Office

Valentine's Day is on Friday and love is in the air (so is the flu, wash your hands!) All the pinks and reds, the heart shaped goodies, and over the top, in your face marketing reminding you to spend some money on the person you love or your closest pals - we're changing up the game and showing some love for the under appreciated, the office and all those friends you've made there. Here are some reasons we love our work place.

A Break From Home

Sometimes we end up spending more time in a day with our workmates than our own families and let's be honest, sometimes it's kind of nice. Being at work can be bitter sweet, but occasionally, you can't help but be grateful for the escape from your at home responsibilities and to be appreciated (and paid) for the hard work you're putting in.

Cheaper Than Therapy

We've all spilled our guts to a cubicle mate or two, I mean, you spend 8 hours a day together, it's bound to happen. Some days just call for bouncing ideas off of each other, or a hardcore venting session and for that, we are so appreciative of the coworkers that put up with us.

Like-Minded Folk

Chances are, if you're working at the same office, you probable have a lot more in common than you think. Employers often try to hire people who will fit in well and add to the company culture - these are your people! It's pretty awesome to have a group that are interested and passionate about the same things you are.

Cheerleading Squad

Your work crew GETS your grind more than anyone else - they can relate to your struggles, they see your effort from beginning to end and they are there to cheer you on and support you through the whole ride. Of course, we talk to our family and partners about these things but there is something about the people that know the client or project and all the little quirks and problems that came with hitting that deal out of the park.

To our office, the space and the people - we love you, we're grateful for you.

Who are you sharing the v-day love with?

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