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  • Malorie Leonetti, Marketing Coordinator at NMI

NMI Weigh In: Spotify

The age of listening to one album or artist at a time has been a thing of the past for a while now (with the exception of vinyl because let's be honest, everything sounds better on vinyl). Spotify has changed that game for music and podcast enthusiasts all over the world - creating a platform that allows you to listen to anything imaginable, creates custom playlists to introduce you to new artists, and offers you incredible analytics regarding your own listening habits. On an even cooler note, they use that data to create their ad campaigns.

In 2017, Spotify had a major growth year - unfortunately, most of their money was still going towards record labels with very minimal going back into the company. They knew that they needed to close out the year with a campaign that would bring the brand into the physical world. They created and executed "2018 Goals" entirely in-house with the idea of releasing their data and their users weird but wonderful habits in a comedic fashion.

With all eyes on Spotify, they began their signature "three months at $0.99" offer that signed up thousands of new premium members. Knowing how good their product is and how valuable the premium membership is - they knew that few people would cancel their premium membership once the three month period was up.

Most companies have access to a surplus of data on their own customers or users but few utilize it. Spotify found a way to do that in a fresh, exciting and thoughtful way. This campaign created a personable and humorous image for Spotify - something that many brands struggle with.

We are all Spotify users here at NMI and the marketing nerds in us all are LOVING their use of analytics and creativity to keep their brand growing, to create fans and to ultimately turn them into advocates.

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