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  • Malorie Leonetti, Marketing Coordinator at NMI

There's No Place Like Home

Every Canada Day we write a blog around why we are proud to be a Canadian company. Of course, we still feel this way but found it harder to write because this year has been so different. 2020 has been a wakeup call year on so many levels. It has forced us to think about what is truly important and how to band together in the worst of times. This year we have an undeniable, overwhelming sense of gratitude for our country and to the wonderful folks that make Canada what it is because despite the turbulence, there is nowhere else we would rather be grounded.

2020 will go down as one of the hardest years in modern human history - from a global health pandemic to the waterfall effect on world economies, adding to the constant political swirl and most recently the surfacing and spotlighting of systemic issues within our societies there’s a lot going on. It’s easy to find something to feel down on, but we are choosing to focus on the positive because that’s what we all need more of right now.

Throughout this pandemic, we have witnessed incredible acts of courage, kindness, and sacrifice. We have watched companies switch their entire production line to make supplies for front line workers and members of the community who are in need. We saw health care workers step up and bravely tackle a virus even if it meant they couldn’t sleep in the same home as their family members. We have all made changes, missed out on important milestones, and experienced a new kind of isolation away from our friends and family but we adapted. We found ways to make this temporary normal as enjoyable as possible with a little creativity and thoughtfulness. We have had the benefit of feeling safe in our communities and heard by our government leaders and fellow Canadian citizens. The way Canada has handled COVID-19 has been a great source of pride. This year has shown us that the world and society are still far from perfect, but Canada continues to be a country of promise, a country that is willing to work together to improve and support however they can.

There is no place like home, and we are proud to be Canadians every day, but this year we are standing on guard higher than ever.

Happy Canada Day, True North friends! Cheers to you and our beautiful country.

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