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Feeling Refreshed and Reinspired: Using March Break to Get More Productive Long Term

When you’re a kid – March Break is the most exciting week of the year. It’s a whole week to let your imagination take you on different adventures, to lose yourself in all things fun and magical, and to be free from routine and structure. While we may not be so lucky to take a week away from work, here are some ideas to help you get refreshed and reinspired.

Try Something New

When was the last time you tried something new? It doesn’t have to be anything wild or grand, but it does have to be fresh. Whether it’s a new recipe, a different coffee order, a colourful exercise class, or a crafty hobby – get inspired by stepping outside of your “norm”.

Watch A Nostalgic Movie

It sounds silly but watch something from your yesteryear. Nostalgic movies are the perfect antidote to your stress because they have the ability to take you far away from your problems while also bringing you joy. Nostalgia feels good and has influenced some of the best ideas.

Play a Board Game That Requires Strategy

A fun way to tap into a different part of your brain, and a great activity for parents and kiddos to do together. It’s too easy to get caught up in your day-to-day routine and tasks, a board game that requires some thinking is an entertaining way to get creative without any real risk or requirement.

Get Outside

We’ve all done a few days of house -> car -> building -> car -> house without actually spending time in the great outdoors (we’re looking at you, Canadians). Find a new trail, walk around your downtown core, go skating, feel that sunshine on your face! Fresh air has so many benefits on physical and mental health.


Simply rest. Be. Breathe. Take the downtime you have not felt justified in taking – for real, you deserve it, and you need it. Powering down may feel counterproductive, but it’s actually the opposite. Taking time when you need it can make you more productive and effective in the long term.

Happy March Break, friends. May it be exactly what you needed!

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