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  • Susan Hutchison, Marketing Specialist

It's a game changer baby!

No one knows what the future holds, but the pandemic has fuelled a change in how the world does business, how we work, and how we consume. COVID-19 has also forced humanity to openly assess the importance of physical contact and our undeniable desire to meet face-to-face. It has magnified how much we need to interact.

While some companies are assessing their viability in the new world of work, NMI is striving forward. Our playground lies directly in the eye of change. We consistently swing for the fence, usually with a dose of crazy and inject ‘memorable’ in all we do. Why? Because we’re all about creating fresh, exciting, and thoughtful experiences no matter the circumstance. We embrace the opportunity to turn uncomfortable and outrageous into desired outcomes for our clients and their fans.

We are proud of past accomplishments, but we don’t stand on our laurels. For this reason, we are pumped to unleash even more of our untapped potential this year! But to do this, we feel the need to make a few changes.

A FRESH VIBE: We looked at who we are. We reminded ourselves that our soul marketing purpose is rooted in people. We love being around people. We wave the flag and proudly acknowledge we are people-people. So, we're physically changing our office location to be around, you guessed it... PEOPLE! We've moved across town and set up shop at Catalyst Commons, an industry-led co-working space for ambitious companies of all sizes. We’re going to hang and work near like-minded entrepreneurs in our own hood.

INVEST IN OURSELVES: We strongly believe in soul marketing. The power within word of mouth is unmatched to this day - it’s a game changer when you turn customers into fans and advocates. So, we’re going to practice what we preach and see how our own strategies unfold with new connections and programs.

Our strength is in imagination of what’s impossible and being brave enough to try.

While we don’t have all the answers, we are always willing to take the leap and go for it; to go the extra mile and make the experience more, or at least different than what’s been done before (-sound kinda like the post-pandemic environment?) As we evolve, we will continue to introduce thought leadership and creative opportunities into events and experiences - whether that’s in person, digital or a mix of both. We honestly believe these latest changes will provide the next level of momentum as we start a new business year (#8 in case you were wondering).

We are stoked for this new year. The air is invigorating. The opportunities are abounding. And we’re ready to connect when you are!

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