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NMI at seven: a thriller year

New Moon Ideas turns seven and rather than it feeling like the lucky number it has been more like that 90’s thriller movie that starred Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kevin Spacey – great cast and worth watching to compare the feels to this year. At this time twelve months ago, I was expecting 2020 to be a year of clarity, and boy was it - just not the way I thought, nor the way anyone thought for that matter. Common words to summarize this period of history include unprecedented, unexpected, challenging, disheartening, and flat out rough. I'll stop there because we can all rant and commiserate on the negative in solidarity. However, I will shake this narrative because it's what we do best at New Moon Ideas.

I preach about how being scared sometimes is a good thing because it forces you to check your surroundings. Earlier this year when the world came to a sudden and terrifying halt, I chose to look at this broken moment as an opportunity, taking a step back to rethink what we do, realign how we work, accept the world for what it is and adapting our approach to not only survive but thrive. I am proud to say we have been able to do both by sticking to our core values of being fresh, exciting and thoughtful. Truthfully, our day-to-day working lives did not change that much - we've been living the remote work life for years. If anything, we have shown people that our awesome can be done from anywhere. We reaffirmed that our expertise and elite service is anchored in creating emotional connections in human experiences and that is not bound by brick and mortar or physical events.

The Greek philosopher Plato is accredited with the phrase "necessity is the mother of invention". In the most disruptive sense, 2020 forced business and society around the world to do what we do at NMI for a living every day. From daily routines to special occasions everyone had to think differently, get creative and find new ways to get things done. Welcome to our world friends - you've walked a mile in our shoes and now you know it takes a certain character to embrace these challenges as a lifestyle. If you are over it, or need some help, or just talk about it over a drink - we're ready (shameless plus).

Personally, it has been satisfying and motivating to see the creativity and ingenuity that has seeped out from every corner of the world and communities in all sorts of ways - coping with family dynamics, work/life balance and home-schooling kids; revolutions in social awareness and causes, mental health, and wellness; innovation in technology and medicine; and so much more. I am encouraged by what we've managed to expose and achieve as a society through such tragedy. I am not hoping the world goes back to what it was, I'm inspired to see where we go next collectively.

New Moon Ideas will continue to center itself on Soul Marketing and continue to deliver fresh, exciting and thoughtful experiences. Time will always be made to work hard and play hard, no matter where we sit. On our seventh anniversary I'm taking this moment to pause, celebrate and say thank you to all of our team members, clients, partners, friends and supporters who stand behind this company's approach, allow us to be who we are and encourage us to do what we love.

Until we meet again, stay safe and healthy!

Navin Chand

President & Soul Marketing Artist

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