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NMI Spin: Wrapping up Your Summer, 80's style

We’ve seen it on television, in fashion, and music - 80s culture has come back (shriek if you want to). The 80s took big hair, neon spandex, and keyboard synthesizers to a whole new level but in our humble opinion, those things can stay right where they are. We’re here to talk about another angle of the 80s that you might want to bring back over the last few weeks of summer, even if you aren’t an 80s kid.

Despite kicking off the MTV era – the 80s really was a simpler time. There’s a sense of freedom and nostalgia that you feel when you think of an 80s summer. Kids riding around on bicycles until the streetlights come on, making adventures out of nothing at all. No plans, being open to whatever comes your way.

We want to embrace that and are challenging you to do the same. Here are some tips to make the most the last few weeks of summer:

Turn Off Your Tech

Set a time every day that you can power down all your tech for an hour or two. What a waste to see the beauty of summer through the screen of your phone. Breathe it in. Instagram will still be there when you get back, so will your work emails.

Take An Alternative Route

Take a back road or take your bike. We get so hung up on our routines that sometimes we forget to look around and appreciate. Taking an alternate route will make you more aware of your surroundings – perhaps you’ll discover a new coffee shop or trail to enjoy.

Be Bored

What if you just didn’t plan anything for a week? No extracurriculars or dates in your calendar for an entire week. See where it takes you. See how many impromptu visits and adventures you have or how freeing it is to not have a tight schedule to keep.

Stay Up Late and Eat Junk Food

It’s simply good for the soul. Grab your childhood favourites – the stuff you wouldn’t dream of eating now. For full effect, enjoy while watching a nostalgic movie or in the company of old friends.

Cheers to nostalgia, and to playing as hard as you work. Cheers to your inner 80s kid soaking up the last few weeks of summer!

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