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NMI Turns 8! A Note from Founder, Navin Chand.

New Moon Ideas turns 8 today!

Typically I use this company anniversary message to be uplifting and inspirational. But this year I'm going to plant a flag in reality, so here are three statements that I believe most people would agree are true on their own separately:

1. Being a visible minority is hard.

2. Being an entrepreneur is hard.

3. Keeping a small business alive through the pandemic is hard.

I am a visible minority entrepreneur who kept his small business alive through the pandemic - and I'm damn proud of that achievement. I have nothing but respect for other minorities, other entrepreneurs and anyone who's managed to stay in business the past few years. The struggle is real and you are under appreciated for your accomplishments.

The reason for my success to this point is not because I follow convention, it's because I embrace being a misfit. I trust my own values, intelligence, charm and common sense to make bold decisions, take risks and say what needs to be said, even if it's not what you want to hear. I provoke, push boundaries and make you a little uncomfortable by design. I surround myself with people who get it, show support, provide a positive influence and do my best to dodge the negative ones. If I did only what was expected of me, I'd be exactly where those old stereotypes would place me in life. I defy the odds and status quos because I believe that if I trust myself and work hard enough, anything is possible.

Throughout my entire life I've been ignored, bullied, taken advantage of, road-blocked by both strangers and familiar faces alike. Even today there are people who make conscious efforts to stand in the way of my dreams. But every time I'm pushed down, I get back up and try again. That strength and perseverance is in my fabric as a human being and I'll continue to fight for my goals and beliefs until I'm satisfied.

That in itself is worth celebrating on the eight year anniversary of New Moon Ideas. But I think it's also worth raising a middle finger to those who have tried to cut me down, take advantage of me, or stood in my way to say "you can't do that". I'm not trying to make everyone a fan, and you don't have to be a cheerleader, all I’m asking is don't be another obstacle - I have enough of those already by nature. My message is simple: just because I'm different, doesn't mean I'm wrong. So either open your mind to something new, or stay out of the way and give me a chance.

New Moon Ideas will continue to center itself on soul marketing and deliver fresh, exciting and thoughtful experiences. Time will always be made to work hard and play hard, no matter where we sit. On our eighth anniversary I'm taking this moment to pause, celebrate and say thank you to all of our team members, clients, partners, friends and supporters who stand behind this company's approach, allow us to be who we are and encourage us to do what we love.

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