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  • Malorie Leonetti, Marketing Coordinator at NMI

NMI Christmas: Mini Sticks Continued

If you're here, chances are you received our Christmas gift and are getting the most out of your new mini sticks 🙂

We provided our top 10 games in the booklet but here is a list of even more fun ways to take advantage of your new toy:

The Doorstop: Use the stick to keep your door held open.

The Winter Buddy: Despite being a Canadian, sometimes we are unprepared for winter... use your mini sticks to scrape the ice off of your windshield or clear a path to your windshield in a pinch.

The Pest Controller: taking fly swatting to a new level

The Stir Stick: We all know that the office coffee is mediocre at best so if you're loading up on the good stuff and you don't have anything to stir it with – we have your back.

The Attention Grabber: Sometimes you need to quietly get your friend's attention – use a mini stick as a poking stick

The Laundry Sorter: Am I the only one who hates touching dirty gym clothes on laundry day, especially if it's someone else's?

The Love Stick: Spice up the office romance that you've been keeping a secret (could even be multiplayer?)

The Plank: wedge your mini stick between two books on your desk and use it as a spring board to keep yourself entertained on those long conference calls.

The Pie Server: Why can't office kitchens just come equipped with everything you need? Use this as a pie or cake server when you can't find one in the office junk drawer.

The Shawshank: tunnel your way out through the office wall

The Slingshot: This is for the more advanced. Use two sticks and a rubber band to create a slingshot to shoot ammo across the office

The Radioactive Waste Remover: ..need I say more?

Share your ideas, successes and fun with us on Instagram and Twitter! #StickItNMI

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